Be aware: this system is delivered as a do it yourself flatpack.


This DIY aquaponics kit includes the following:


  • 1x frame material
  • 3x acrylic tank material
  • 1x tubing set
  • 1x custom riverfood siphon material
  • 1x bag of substrate
  • 1x bag of biocarriers 


This system is delivered as a flatpack. the customer is responsible for correctly gluing and assembling the system personally. We also provide the option for fully assembled systems made with glass tanks. That option is also available in the store. Click here for more information. 


  • aquarium glue and kit can be bought in various online stores but we can also deliver it as an additional option with the kit.


additionally, you can select the following extra components to make your system function better and easier:  


  • an automatic feeder makes it possible to leave the fish alone for a few days without having to worry about them getting enough nutrients. 
  • grow lights make sure the plants get enough light during the darker days or in spaces where there might not be a lot of natural light.
  • a bacterial starter helps you to create a solid waste to nutrient cycle in your system. ( see our aquaponics guide for more information)
  • water testers help you to make sure that the nutrients in your system are correctly balanced to keep your fish and plants healthy.

DIY Aquaponics kit

€ 300,00Price
Automatic feeder
Grow lights
Glue kit
water testers
Bacterial starter

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