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Inspirational sessions at Greentech convention

Last wednesday Riverfood was invited for a breakfast by people from the canadian state New Brunswick. The breakfast was at the RAI in Amsterdam where greentech Amsterdam 2019 was also held on that day. After we finished our delicious breakfast, there was a small presentation about the opportunities that still lie in New Brunswick and what New Brunswick is famous for at this moment. Mister Diederik Beutener( Trade Commissioner :Agriculture and Processed Foods, Fish and Seafood, Forestry and Wood Products, Infrastructure) from the canadian embassy, was at the breakfast as well and he told us about the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). After the presentation we got the chance to talk to a lot of other companies, some of them where dutch companies like us and others where companies who already made the step up to Canada. After some very interesting conversations we managed to get our hands on some tickets for greentech Amsterdam 2019 which was only one floor above us. We went to check out the greentech fair and saw some very cool things. From dutch companies as well as companies from all over the world. All in all we had fun and learned a lot, so I would call it a good day for Riverfood.


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