Good reads - literature and websites about (commercial) aquaponics

Looking for information to increase your knowledge about aquaponics can be a bit overwhelming. Below you find a small selection of books, workshops, courses, organisations and businesses that have been inspirational for Riverfood. Happy reading!

A great introduction to aquaponics! Sylvia Bernstein describes the ins-and-outs of the aquaponics principles and gives very clear rules of thumb to help you start your own (home) system.

This book is widely available.

Interested in learning about aquaponics in a hands-on manner? Mediamatic in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, offers tours through their own aquaponics greenhouse, workshops and customized projects.

For more information check:

Looking for commercial aquaponic guidelines and numbers? Look no further! Colle and Phyllis Davis provide you with useful information through this digital document.

The document can be bought via:

Europe has its own aquaponics association! When becoming a member you have access to lots of wonderful aquaponics information and have the possibility to connect with other aquaponics lovers all over Europe:

Australian researcher Dr. Wilson Lennard has written an extensive book on commercial aquaponic systems. A must read for all commercial aquaponics owners!

Available through:

Interested in becoming an aquaponics designer? Murray Hallam teaches the ins-and-outs of (commercial) aquaponics through his online course.

Available through:

The Netherlands has few commercial aquaponics businesses. 'De Duurzame Kost' in Eindhoven hosts tours for anyone interested to see how it works:

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