From 2016 till 2019 Riverfood offered educational workshops and courses on aquaponics, developed and sold educational materials for secondary schools, designed and build aquaponics systems and experimented with small scale aquaponics farming.


As from 2020 Riverfood has stopped its own food production, stopped building aquaponics systems and stopped providing workshops, courses and presentations.


Riverfood does still offer advise based on an hourly fee regarding:

  • aquaponics

  • organic cycles within a circular economy

  • indoor ecosystems

  • natural predators to combat plantpests

  • indoor cultivation of catfish, pike-perch, European crayfish

  • natural fish feed

  • starting your own food-producing company

In case you wish Riverfood to give a presentation, workshop or course feel free to contact us.

Riverfood works with an hourly fee of 100 Euro per hour - excluding VAT, material costs and travel expenses.

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